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About Me


How do you do, I am . My nickname is "BON" because I like the great American Rock 'n Roll Band,  "BON JOVI".

I will be pleased if this Homepage become a place that my friends come to gather.

Now let me introduce myself.

  • 5th September 1969

Born in a city named Funabashi, in Chiba prefecture.

  • April 1976

    I entered in Elementary school.

    I belonged to Soccer club.

  • April 1982

    I entered in Junior High School.

    I gave up belonging to sports club and belonged to Shogi (Japanese Chess) club.

  • April 1985

    I entered in High school in Tokyo.

    I got interested in computer from this, which decided my work in my life.

    I belonged to computer club.

  • April 1988

    I entered in a college-preparatory school.

  • April 1989

I entered in Waseda University. I studied computer science.

I belonged to a band-play club. I played electric bass guitar first, and play electric guitar. I played many hard rock songs.

This experience made my life so various and interesting. I still play music with our friends.

  • March 1993

I graduated from Waseda University.

  • April 1993

I entered in Waseda graduate school as a student.

  • April 1994

I entered in my present office.

  • November 1999

I got married!!! the detail is here.

  • January 2000

A Happy 2000 Year

  • January 2001

    A Happy 2001 Year

  • January 2002

A Happy 2002 Year


Thank you

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